Do you want to try CCQ?

Keep track of all incidents and complaints in one place

Responsive design facilitates the registration of incidents and complaints on your mobile device

Inbuilt procedures for registration, analysis, resolution and follow-up

General information

Every single incident or complaint undergoes a certain procedure, from the moment it’s registered and until its processing is completed. The incident is carefully reviewed and analyzed and viable time estimates are made for resolution and follow-up. The system makes sure you employ efficient root cause analysis when resolving the issue, where you determine what went wrong, why it happened, and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.

You are able to break down and estimate the cost of processing the incident, and if the company’s subscription includes other modules, you can link the incident to relevant quality documents or risk assessments.

Registration form

The system provides an online web form where customers and employees can submit incidents and complaints. The structure and design of the form can be modified, and companies can easily link to the form on their website or private network. Online submissions are reviewed and validated before they‘re formally registered in the system and their processing starts.

Custom categorization

Given the immense diversity of companies, users of CCQ are allowed to create custom categories to classify and sort their incidents and complaints. You have the option of defining up to ten different custom categories in the system, specifically tailored to your company’s needs.