Asset Management

Ensures proper registration of the company’s assets, its location, status, improves the maintenance and callibration and supervision of valuable equipment and maximizes return on investment. 

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The benefits of efficient asset management are undeniable, and companies of all shapes and sizes are beginning to take notice. Assets can range from software licenses to office equipment, company vehicles, and even housing. To build a centralized repository that accounts for the presence and purchase of all your assets, can dramatically reduce costs and prevent unnecessary replacement of lost or misplaced assets.

CCQ helps you realize a greater return on investment on your assets, and improves asset reliability. It allows you to establish the processes and controls you need to ensure compliance with corporate, contractual and regulatory requirements.

One part of CCQ Asset Management is registration of all equipment, machines and similar assets. Every registration retrieves a QR code, perfect to print out and stick on the relevant asset. Maintenance and callibration planning are connected to each asset such as loan-tracking and status. 

Asset life-cycle

Investments, failure reports, maintenance and calibration in one place and gives you good overview on each asset. 

Maintenance and calibrations

By scheduling regularly plans, system will remind you in good advance to ensure and prevent failures. 

QR code

Scan failure with your smart device. User register failure through a web-form and asset owner receives notification by email. 

IT Asset and GDPR

Build a transparent platform where process of activities, processes, risk and data process agreements are gather in one place. 

Mapping up all IT asset is an important part in GDPR.
CCQ provides IT Asset registration containing necessary connections to
published processes, risk and process of activities.

Maintenance planning / Asset Repairs

Proper planning and scheduling should be a key initiative within every organization. This is particularly valuable when it comes to the maintenance and calibration of company assets and equipment.

To successfully maximize the life of your assets, while minimizing upkeep costs, you need to come up with an efficient maintenance plan. CCQ enables you to develop and implement effective planning and scheduling programs, that improve asset performance and reliability.

Even the best made maintenance plans can‘t take uncontrollable circumstances into account, such as defective equipment or accidents. In the event of asset failure, it‘s crucial for companies to have contingency plans in place to swiftly repair and restore the equipment before it causes major issues for the company. With CCQ, you‘re able to report pending repairs of assets, keep track of prior incidents and control their costs.

IT Asset and GDPR

GDPR impacts all businesses, and everyone will need to be compliant. Most businesses – and especially those that deal with individual end-customers – will hold vast amounts of personal data, in various locations

All businesses will need to have an Information Asset Register. CCQ provides genaral information, mapping processes that is used for letting vendors answering, connections to published document, risks and process of activities that is analyzed in Questionnaire. 


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