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Customizable work processes

Personalized overview of audits and nonconformities

Audits can be linked to quality documents, standards, laws and regulations

Simplifies the planning and execution of internal and external audits

General Information

The system guarantees efficient execution of audits and meets the highest standards of processing nonconformities. Inbuilt workflows ensure the systematic review of the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of business operations. By bringing a methodical and disciplined approach to the auditing process, organizations are better equipped to accomplish their objectives. It allows management to assess the adequacy of internal controls, and enforce company policies and procedures. Reliability increases and compliance with standards, laws and regulations comes easy.

Audits diagram

Audit planning

It‘s important for companies to assess and improve the effectiveness of internal business controls and procedures. The system facilitates the planning of audits and gives a comprehensive overview of their progress. If any nonconformities are discovered, it‘s easy to keep them paired with the respective audit reports.


Processing nonconformities

The handling of nonconformities has never been this clear-cut and precise. Predefined work processes combined with systematic root cause analysis result in easier understanding of what steps need to be taken to eliminate the nonconformities. Managers can then take necessary corrective and preventive actions to increase confidence that there will be no reoccurrence.