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Welcome to CCQ status page. If you find any isses using our system, please reach us through ccq@origo.is

Here you can see status on each model and if you click on each module you are able to see further statistics for particular module. If you scroll down you can see incident reports and development schedule. We are always happy to hear from you so please feel free to send improvement requests. 

Past Incidents

29.11.2021 Monitor is not running (FIXED)

5.11.2021 If not admin you can not open attachments in audits (status: in development)

04.11.2021 Resolver columne is empty in IC (status: in development)

15.10.2021 Pictures and attachments dissapears – status FIXED

Development Process

Development status

Validation Reports is available here.

This list will be updated weekly

Next version in development: 2201:02 Expected release 20-27 of Februar

Current version in development: 2022:01. Due to change freeze policy expected release 20-27 of Januar

2021:06 was successfully released 03.12.2021.

Development is currently in Sprint 2 (7)

  • Monitor issues (MO)
  • Order of simple form (IC)
  • Option to add attachment in messages (IC)
  • Helptext on simple forms (IC)
  • Word change in forms (IC)
  • Resolver columne emptly (IC)
  • Add filter to QS
  • Print outs (QM)
  • Adding access in document (QM)
  • Roles in CCQ (ALL)
  • Be able to print QR code with bulk change (AM)
  • Be able to add link to asset (AM)
  • Confirm reading repeat (QM)


03.12.2021 New release 2021:06 deploy successfully

29.10.2021 New Release Competency Management – Deploy Sucessfully

08.10.2021 New Release 2021:05 – Deploy Sucessfully