Talent planning with Competency Management

Maps the training, skills and knowledge of the workforce and enables companies to increase employee capability to achieve their business goals.

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Talent is an increasingly scarce resource, so it must be managed to the fullest effect. The ability to efficiently engage and motivate people to do their very best, is really the only true competitive advantage companies possess.

CCQ helps you predict the skills and competencies needed by the business going forward, and enables you to develop successful training programs for your employees. The system provides a thorough overview of the capability of your workforce, and allows you to focus on how to adequately align employee training with the organization‘s business goals.

Confirm reading is available in published document. In Competency Manager you keep track of history of training records. 

Talent Planning

GAP analysis is useful for determining whether employee training requirements are being met

Training Records

You can schedule training for employees e.g. when new documents require training or confirmation of reading

Talent Planning

The model also keeps track of optional training and can therefore encourage employees to gain new skills.


All necessary training is stored as tasks on employees dashboard

“You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.”

Talent planning

In order to meet current and future business requirements, managers need to have a clear understanding of the organization‘s existing capabilities and potential. This is where talent planning comes into play.

CCQ helps you identify the challenges that lie ahead and the talent and skills that will be needed to achieve future business goals. Staff training becomes more focused and employees are empowered to optimize their strengths.

Training records

CCQ keeps track of which employees have had training, how recently they have had it, and what skills they have mastered. This produces individual training profiles for staff members, and helps you identify where training is needed to ensure compliance.

As a result, the training records are useful for providing documentation for regulatory agencies and can protect you from accusations of negligence in your staff training.


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