What’s new in CCQ?

Welcome to CCQ status page. If you find any isses using our system, please reach us through support@ccq.cloud

Here you can see status on each model and if you click on each module you are able to see further statistics for particular module. If you scroll down you can see incident reports, what’s new in CCQ and development schedule. We are always working towards continous improvement so please feel free to send us change suggestions and ideas for improvements. 

Date | Issue | status | Expected in release

Quality Manual

15.06.22 | Paging in workbook is not working properly | backlogg | 2022:08

14.06.22 | Embedded or linked video is not visible in Published document | ready to test | 2022:08

06.05.22 | Adding users via SSO group for confirm reading does not update documents | solved | 2022:06

30.03.2022 | List of confirm reading is missing | solved | 2022:05

Incident & Complaints

21.09.21 | Filter bug | solved | 2021:05

11.08.21 | Access is not being updated in an incident | solved | 2021:04


23.05.22 | Flow in Audit is not user-friendly | ready to test | 2022:08

Competency Management

16.06.22 | Supervisior do not see all employees | selected for development | 2022:09

23.03.22 | The new role access is lost in login if using SSO | solved | 2022:05

Asset Management

07.07.2022 | Due date for calibration is not clear

Risk Management


Current version in progress: 2022:07 (expected release: due to summer vacation we will postpone release to end of July)

ZCCQ-2032 Renaming Title in Manufacturer template does not update document | Asset Management

ZCCQ-2101 Add a button to “Reject and move to previous step ” | Incident & Complaints

ZCCQ-2127 Filter search function in settings | Quality Manual

ZCCQ-2127 Monitor not disabled when deleted | Monitor

ZCCQ-2049 No. field (type and number) should be added to Revision table on Dashboard | Dashboard

ZCCQ-2144 Links in emails from CCQ | All

ZCCQ-2143 Index for search

ZCCQ-2143 Track Changes in froala (improvements) | Quality Manaual

ZCCQ-2176 Embedded or linked videos (bugfix) | Quality Manual

Next version in progress: 2022:08

ZCCQ-2135 Flowchart improvements | Quality Manual

ZCCQ-2153 Counter for viewing published document | Quality Manual

ZCCQ-2127 Filter search function in settings | Quality Manual

ZCCQ-2154 Preview of published document | Quality Manual

ZCCQ-2142 Azure SSO login | All

ZCCQ-2148 Filter – give number of found | Quality Manual

ZCCQ-2158 Search connected to counter | Quality Manual

ZCCQ-2166-70 Flow for better user experience in Audit | Audit

ZCCQ-2152 Spell checker | Quality Manaual

ZCCQ-2162 Confirm reading list, improvement so that approvers, responsible person and publisher can see list | Quality Manual

ZCCQ-2159 Search should give suggestion

ZCCQ-2161 Validation of links in document | Quality Manual

ZCCQ-2162 Confirm reading list of users | Quality Manual

ZCCQ-2164 ISO standards is no longer extra subscription | Quality Manual

ZCCQ-2185 Information in incident forms should be visible inside forms.

19.05.2022 Version 2022:06 was sucessfully released. Validation Report

12.04.2022 Version 2022:05 was sucessfully released. Validation Report

17.03.2022 Version 2022:04 was sucessfully released. Validation Report

04.03.2022 Version 2022:03 was sucessfully released. Validation Report

07.02.2022 Version 2022:02 was sucessfully released. Validation Report

28.01.2022 Version 2022:01 was sucessfully released. Validation Report