Continous improvement with Incidents & Complaints

Handles reports for incidents, complaints and suggestions. 

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Every single incident or complaint undergoes a certain procedure, from the moment it’s registered and until its processing is completed. The incident is carefully reviewed and analyzed and viable time estimates are made for resolution and follow-up. The system makes sure you employ efficient root cause analysis when resolving the issue, where you determine what went wrong, why it happened, and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.

You are able to break down and estimate the cost of processing the incident, and if the company’s subscription includes other modules, you can link the incident to relevant quality documents or risk assessments.

By using the simple registration forms, employees can easily
report incidents via their smart phone. 

Adaptable web-forms

All registrations forms are hand-made by you. No extra cost for special programming

Several languages available

Registration forms is available in English, Polish, Swedish and Icelandic

Inbuilt work-process

Step by step process for handling incidents registrations were each can be risk classified for preventing procedures. Issue can be delegated to several resolvers. 

Connected to several modules

In the lead to work towards continuous improvement incident module is connected to published document and audit.

Registration forms can include a fill in field for GPS-location

Registration forms

The system provides several online web form where customers and employees can submit incidents and complaints.

The structure and design of the forms can be modified, and companies can easily link to the form on their website or private network.

Online submissions are reviewed and validated before they‘re formally registered in the system and their processing starts.

Handling registrations

In the admin part of Incidents & Complains registration is handled. System provides you a step by step process where you can analyze root cause and operate corrective and preventive actions.

Each registration can be categorized risk with further information of what to do with specific risk level. Registrations can be connected to published documentation and risk assessment which may be an important lead to continuous improvement.

If no further action than registration is required, registration can be closed once it has been registered.

Access control is simply to adopt preventive confidentiality.



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30 days free trial