What’s new in CCQ ?

November 10, 2017

The CCQ solution is in constant development, and our team is perpetually thinking of ways to improve the system. Customer feedback is always welcome! These past few weeks, the focus has primarily been on the Quality Manual, and the majority of new features in this release are to be found in that module. The main changes we‘ve made to the CCQ system since the last update are the following:

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now integrated in its entirety into CCQ. With just a few mouse clicks you can set up the regulation in the system and start referencing certain articles or provisions that the company needs to satisfy.

  • The Users list has been improved, now showing the modules that each user has access to and CCQ users can view their user information and the permissions they’ve been given in the system.

  • Clicking the notification icon reveales a new button that allows you to view older notifications. This newest update of CCQ also enables administrators to create notifications themselves, in case they need to convey messages internally to users of the CCQ system.

  • A minor change has been made to approval processes in CCQ. Editors, approvers and publishers can now reject a quality document at any time in the approval process.

  • If a document contains sensitive information that you don’t want outsiders to get their hands on, you can now control access to it by setting the visibility of the document. The printing of published quality documents has also been greatly improved, and the format and layout looks much better.

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Posted by the CCQ Team.

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