What’s new in CCQ ?

January 19, 2018

A whole host of new features are introduced in the latest release of CCQ. The focus has primarily been on the Quality Manual and Incidents & Complaints, and the main improvements that we‘ve made to the CCQ system since the last update, are therefore to be found in those modules:

  • The Quality Manual
    • In order to help users navigate the system, we‘ve added tooltips / hovercards in various places in the Quality Manual with some useful information on each subject.
    • It is now possible to search for specific documents in the system, using the built-in MongoDB search functionality, and administrators now have an overview of all attachments and images that have been uploaded to the system, their size, and which documents they belong to.

  • Incidents & Complaints
    • Administrators now have the ability to create their own document filters in CCQ‘s Incidents & Complaints module, and the registration template for new incidents and complaints can be somewhat modified and adjusted to your preferences.
    • In this latest update, we‘re also introducing a web API that returns incidents and complaints from CCQ by email address and date.

  • Questionnaires
    • In order for users to evaluate and monitor questionnaires on a regular basis, we‘ve added an evaluation option to published questionnaires.
    • Users now have the ability to "watch" a particular questionnaire, signing up for notifications of any updates relating to that questionnaire.

For more details, click here !

Lest we forget, a new knowledge base is up and running on CCQ‘s website, ccq.cloud. To find user guides for the Quality Manual and Incidents & Complaints, simply click Support in the navigation bar up top or follow this link.


Posted by the CCQ Team.

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