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All information and shared knowledge of the personnel is gathered in one place

The dashboard can be personalized and adapted to the user‘s interests and needs

User-friendly interface for desktop, mobile and tablet devices

GDPR content package is included in the module

Methodology built on extensive experience in developing quality management software

General information

The Quality Manual provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface which makes the system easy to navigate and facilitates the registration of the company’s business operations and procedures. Documents are version controlled which ensures traceability and allows the user to keep track of changes in content. Every document goes through an inbuilt approval process and it’s possible to make cross-references to GDPR, ISO or other standards, laws and regulations that need compliance.

The Quality Manual is interconnected with every other module in the system, which makes auditing an easy task and allows users to link relevant risk assessments to documents. Managers can call for confirmation of reading so that the company can rest assured that its employees have read the documents that are of importance.

Quality Manual diagram

Documents (Workbook)

All documents are prepared and edited in the workbook of the Quality Manual. When a document is completed, it goes through an approval process where it‘s reviewed and verified before it‘s finally published as a quality document. If there are any issues to be found with the document before publication, every member involved in the approval process can reject the document and send it back to the editing stage.

Published documents

When a document is published, a non-editable copy appears in the Published documents interface. When a published document is up for review, the system sends the editors an email reminding them that the time has come to revise the document. The workbook copy of the published document is then re-evaluated, and the necessary adjustments are made. When the document is completed, the approval process starts all over again.