Compliance with Quality Manual

Documents the company‘s operational procedures and processes with useful cross-references to GDPR, ISO or other standards, laws and regulations.

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The Quality Manual provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface which makes the system easy to navigate and facilitates the registration of the company’s business operations and procedures. Documents are version controlled which ensures traceability and allows the user to keep track of changes in content. Every document goes through an inbuilt approval process and it’s possible to make cross-references to GDPR, ISO or other standards, laws and regulations that need compliance.

The Quality Manual is interconnected with every other module in the system, which makes auditing an easy task and allows users to link relevant risk assessments to documents. Managers can call for confirmation of reading so that the company can rest assured that its employees have read the documents that are of importance.

The module contains two views: Documents for editing and Published view for reading.
Employees are sure they are reading the latest verision.

All information in one place

Standard operation procedures, work-flow, work-descriptions, checklists and instructions are stored in one place 

Personalized dashboard

Gathers processes suitable for your role within the organization. Read them in your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Confirm reading on published document

In the lead to secure validation of knowledge, the system provides a feature to confirm reading so managers know when employees have read and are familiar with new and important information.

Categorization and trace-ability

All published documents are secured in the closed system according to FDA 21.CFR. Part 11, GMP, GL-44 and more, and the different views help employees, managers and auditors to control compliance.   

GDPR, ISO 9001, 27001, 14001, 45001 and the Icelandic standard for Equal Payment
are inbuilt into the system that simplifies compliance. Auditor has a seperate view where documents are cross-referenced to specific standard, law or regulation.

Closed system” with electronic signatures has been a feature since
the first Quality Manaul was launched in 1993. 

Work Book

All documents are prepared and edited in the workbook of the Quality Manual. When a document is completed, it goes through a predefined approval process where it‘s reviewed and verified before it‘s finally is published. System contains strict trace ability and is version controlled. 

If there are any issues to be found with the document before publication, every member involved approval process can reject the document and send it back to the editing stage.

The editable version contains different categorization options such as table of content, process, document type and access control. Review date is set and all document has its own version history. In the different views managers can follow status of the document and to whom 

Published document

When a document is published, a non-editable version appears in the Published documents interface. When a published document is up for review, the system sends the editors an email reminding them that the time has come to revise the document.

The workbook version of the published document is then re-evaluated, and the necessary adjustments are made. When the document is completed, the approval process starts all over again.

It is easy to search for a specific document. There is an inbuilt filter, search engine and the different views such as document type, reference to standard and my favourites guides you to correct document.


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