No more unoperal spreadsheet with Questionnaire

Process of activities are easily imported to CCQ where you get a clear status if you comply to GDPR

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It can be good to start a questionnaire by mapping up all processes in an excel sheet. Most often, the document is circulated within an organization where the different departments answer the same questionnaire about which personal data on the processes that are handled within the respective work tasks. The result is a gigantic excel document that, in part, becomes difficult to handle and see the current status of what requires transparent improvements.

By importing the gigantic questionnaire into CCQ, the organization gets a better overview of personal data; how it is processed, for what purpose and where it is stored. There is a built-in process for answering, pre-revision, corrections and final revision.

Dashboards provide a clear percentage overview on the status for the entire organization.

The schools and kindergarten handles about 1.000 processes, to keep track of status and transparency in a spreadsheet wasn’t easy for us. After importing the sheet to CCQ we got a better overview of what we need to improve. – Asmundur Richardsson – Municipality of Kopavogur 

Import and export large spreadsheets

Large Excel spreadsheets with already answered questions can easily be imported to CCQ. When all work is completed it is possible to export to Excel.

Overall status

The dashboard brings all information about status on processes; how many Compliant, Not compliant and In progress

Questionnaire templates

Template is created to be able to answer same questions over and over again on different processes

Connection to Published Document and IT asset

When building a transparent information platform, questions may be connected to a standard procedure or IT Asset location.

When building a transparant management platform modules in CCQ are connected to each other for a total suite of applications

Work book

The Data Inspectorate has issued templates that can be used in questionnaires where you will review which personal data is stored in the respective process. In CCQ, templates are created with these questions and users can reuse the same form time and time again for the different processes.

If there is already a form in excel, an equal amount is created in CCQ and the answers can then be imported directly into the questionnaire.


Published view

In the published view questions are answered, pre-audited where questions get different colors depending on fulfilling GDPR or not. 

Questionnaries are sent by email between DPO and participants 


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