Prevent risk to your buisness with Risk Management

Helps you identify potential risk to your business, assess their severity and construct
successful mitigation to reduce their impact.

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Effective risk management is becoming increasingly important in today’s regulatory environment. CCQ enables managers to make proficient risk assessments and create successful risk management plans.

Risk is usually defined as an event that negatively influences your ability to achieve your business goals. The module helps identify these inherent business risks and provides efficient measures, processes and controls to minimize their impact.

“Risk management is not about future decisions, but about the future of decisions that we must take now” – Robert N .Charette

Clear overview

Simplifies risk planning and gives your management a clear view of risk assessments that needs further mitigate actions.  

Transparency for GDPR

Build a transparent information platform to comply with GDPR: Risk plans are connected to IT Assets and risk assessments to activity of processes.

Continuous improvements

To be able to work towards continuous improvements you can connect an incident report with risks that need further actions. 

Stakeholders and Risk Owners

Risk management pinpoints possible stakeholders that might affect your business that helps risk owners and responsible persons to take actions if needed. 

Risk planning became a part of ISO some years ago. In the Quality Manual you design procedure for how you are complying with those chapters. ISO standards are inbuilt within CCQ

Risk Management Plans

Developing strategies to manage risks is crucial if you want your business to recover quickly when an incident occurs. CCQ provides the resources to make effective risk management plans, and helps you improve and streamline your operational processes and procedures.

It‘s important to identify the individuals who are accountable for ensuring the risks are managed appropriately.

This will help you meet your legal obligations for providing a safe workplace, and can reduce the probability of an incident ever occurring.

Risk Assessments

CCQ helps you develop realistic, cost-effective strategies for dealing with risk. The first step in preparing a risk assessment is to identify potential risk factors or hazards your company faces.

Careful analysis of their consequences allows managers to devote resources where needed, and enables them to establish efficient control measures to offset any negative impact.

As a result, companies gain a better understanding of their risk profile and are better suited to capitalize on opportunities.

By using the “confirm reading” function managers keep track of validation of knowledge and can monitor however employee has read and understood important risk level and how to handle risk if it is present. 


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